The simplest and most powerful solution
to sell physical products online

Guru is a full-featured platform to ignite, optimize and scale a physical products sales operation for different types of
  • Fashion Accessories.  
  • Fitness Products.        
  • Food Supplements.    
  • Beauty Products.         
  • Cosmetics.                    
  • Pet Supplies.                
  • Watches and Jewelry.
  • Books and Handouts.
  • Toys and Games.         

Simplify the purchase journey, increase conversions, automate processes and centralize the most relevant metrics in one place.
Guru is a full-featured platform to ignite, optimize and scale a physical products sales operation for different types of
  • Fashion Accessories.
  • Fitness Products.
  • Food Supplements.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Pet Supplies.
  • Watches and Jewelry.
  • Books and Handouts.
  • Toys and Games.

Simplify the purchase journey, increase conversions, automate processes and centralize the most relevant metrics in one place.
Online business selling with Guru

Simplify the Business
Boost your Sales

You only need three things to develop an online physical products business: sales optimization, fulfillment process, and business metrics.

Often, the most obvious option is to build an e-commerce store, but sometimes the costs and complexity involved make no sense. Whether because the product mix is ​​lean, it belongs to a specific niche, or the goal is to apply a differentiated marketing strategy.

Guru is a complete resources suite to sell physical products online in a simple and flexible way.

With our platform, you have the freedom to showcase the products your audience cares about most, apply marketing strategies, and discover multiple ways to boost sales.
Strategy to sell physical products online

Test Marketing 

Easily handle market tests to validate sales volume, promotion campaign, and market segmentation for new products.

Impulse Products and Promotional Bundles 

Gain flexibility to offer bundle pricing promotions to attract new customers and encourage them to make unplanned purchases.

Continuous Product Offering 

Multiply your sales volume by unlocking your product mix potential with continuous offers in a pleasant shopping experience.

Repeat Purchase and Retention 

Increase revenue and improve customer retention by offering subscriptions that automate the purchase of recurring products.

Get everything you need to scale your business in a simple way

Get access to sophisticated tools to manage all online sales activities: from customer acquisition to after-sales.
Puzzle piece sales
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Puzzle piece integrations
Puzzle piece metrics


Integrate payment providers and get access to a high conversion checkout for one-time sales or product subscriptions.


Know where your sales are coming from and the campaign's effectiveness. Monitor the conversion funnel and get ROI in real-time.


Automate the order cycle and bureaucratic part of the business. Have more time to focus on strategies to increase sales.


Consolidate marketing, sales, and customer metrics. Find out where you need to focus your efforts to scale the business.

Come to the platform where

Your freedom increases.
Your profits too.

Gain the freedom to manage the operation in a simple way and discover endless ways to improve the customer experience, increase conversions and boost your profits.

How to run your business with Guru in 3 steps


Payment Service

Negotiate and hire the most advantageous payment service for your business and integrate it to Checkout Guru in a few clicks. Add products, set prices and shipping fees according to your sales strategy, and get payment links in minutes.

(*) Our platform does not hold your money. You must negotiate transaction fees and payout schedules directly with the payment provider.


Fulfillment Process

Synchronize orders with other platforms to automate the fulfillment process.
(*) If you already work with an e-commerce platform, you can integrate it to submit orders and manage the order fulfillment as usual. Check the list of available integrations.


Sales Operation

Showcase and sell your products on landing pages with “Buy Button” links to Checkout Guru. Manage the entire sales operation through the platform: from orders to the integrations and metrics that will help you sustain and scale the business efficiently.
(*) Use a page builder of your choice that allows you to design buttons with links to external URLs.
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A complete control center to manage online sales

Guru Checkout connected to different payment options

Checkout integrated with a payment service of your choice

Deliver a “Buy Now” payment experience without the add-to-cart step to make your customer feel a sense of satisfaction after making the purchase. Try different pricing and shipping strategies for orders with a single item or product package. Improve customer retention with a subscription checkout for recurring products. That’s how you will increase conversion and drive business growth.

1-Click Upsell                  Order Bump                  Sales Recovery
 Recurring Charges         Custom Installment

1-Click Upsell
Order Bump
 Sales Recovery
 Recurring Charges
 Custom Installment

Integrations with your favorite tools

In just a few minutes, connect the tools you already use in your business to get the most out of each feature. Update contacts in CRM or email lists, send SMS, create invoices, sync orders with inventory or shipping platforms have never been so simple and powerful. With our integrations, you will automate the order cycle and delight your customers.

(*) You also can send data to your private software or integration tools like Zapier via webhooks

Email Marketing    Accounting

SMS                          Shipping

Email Marketing

Guru connected to multiple types of integrations
Leads going through a sales funnel

Total Control of Marketing Campaigns

In one place, measure your online advertising ROI, track conversions, and identify the most effective sources to attract and convert new customers. Make decisions quickly and confidently without having to collect data or waste time filling out spreadsheets.

 Real-time ROI        Affiliate Platform          Sales Origin      

 Leads Origin          Neural A/B Test            Integration with Advertisers

 Real-time ROI
Affiliate Platform
 Sales Origin
 Leads Origin
 Neural A/B Test
 Integration with Advertisers

Business owner checking sales metrics

Business overview in one place

Track the most important metrics for your business in one place. Get in-depth about sales growth, subscriptions, customer retention, and campaign performance. With data-driven, you will find out where you need to focus your efforts to grow your business with complete confidence.

Data analysis based on…

Sales                   Subscriptions

Customers         Tracking

Data analysis based on…


Plus all Guru advantage to

Support your Business Growth

Independent Operation

Work independent of e-commerces or payment platforms and be free to replace services and tools.

Go to Market Quickly

Get up and running a sales operation with no code or infrastructure issues and start selling in a few hours.

Flexible Plans

Fixed-value plans with access to all features, free of loyalty period, setup fees, or transaction fees.

Human Support

Count on the expert team to get tips to optimize your business and make the most of the platform.

Ready to scale your business with freedom and flexibility?

Our customers use Guru to sell products because it provides technology, flexibility, and independence.

We are a platform for online stores to boost sales with marketing strategies.

Does this make sense to your business? So, let’s go together!