Boost your conversions with Guru's payment Checkout

Boost sales by offering a simple, secure and intuitive checkout experience for your customers through a flexible, ready-to-use checkout that is 100% integrated into all your business processes.

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Desktop and mobile checkout demonstration

High Conversion

Optimized and distraction-free payment flow to make the most of the impulse purchase and increase conversion rates

Power and Flexibility

Power and flexibility for your business with 20+ payment providers ready to integrate and start selling today.

No Transactions Fee

Enjoy all features for monthly fixed rates. Get more freedom to negotiate transaction fees with payment providers.

Centralized Management

Payment is just the beginning. Centralize metrics and manage the entire marketing and sales process in one place.

Guru Checkout demo on mobile

The Checkout to sell more and integrate your sales process

With Checkout Guru, you convert more visitors with a simple and frictionless payment experience on your website.

Now your online business can have a high conversion checkout, detached payment providers, no code needed, and fully integrated into your sales process.

Optimized Experience

Payment flow optimized for mobile devices available in two versions: multi-step and one-step.

Payment Link

Generate payment links to send by price quote email, social media, and messaging services.

One-Time Purchases and Subscriptions

Checkout for ad hoc purchasing, subscription models and automate recurring billing.

Split Payment

Automate commission payments between affiliates and partners with maximum efficiency and profitability.

Use card nº: 4111 1111 1111 1111


Everything you need to boost sales


Integrate quickly and start selling today

Choose the payment provider that works best for your business and integrate it into the Checkout Guru as easily as pressing a button. Set prices and offers, get your payment links and start selling today.

(*) Our platform does not hold your money. You must negotiate transaction fees and payout schedules directly with the payment provider.

Accept different payment methods:

Baloto Billet Credit Card Crypto Debit Card Efecty MBWay Multibanco Multicaja OXXO PagoEfectivo PayPal PIX SaftyPay Sencillito SPEI Webpay
Checkout Guru connected to payment providers
Guru Checkout making sales to all over the world


Have a global sales reach

Expand your business with a global reach checkout adjusted to the audience language, payment methods, billing information, local address, and currency.

* Check the list of payment providers that supports this feature.

Automatic translation to:

Available currencies:

Argentine Peso Brazilian Real Chilean Peso Colombian Peso Dollar Euro Mexican Peso Panamanian Balboa Peruvian Sol Uruguayan Peso


Make the most of every sales opportunity

Transform abandoned checkouts and declined payments into more revenue. Keep the sales team up to date on open deals, send automated reminders to your customers, and don’t miss any more sales.

Customer receiving notifications of the abandoned sale
tracking conversion events


Optimize your ads to sell more and more

Enhance your ad performance with conversion event tagging across major ad platforms. Through this feature, your marketing team can segment the target audience based on purchase behavior and checkout actions.

Conversion event tagging for:

Server-side event tracking for Facebook Conversion API, 100% compatible with privacy changes made by Apple (iOS 14), Google, and other browsers.

Cross Sell & Upsell

Maximize the order value with com 1-Click

Generate additional orders with post-purchase upsell to “Buy with 1-Click”. When a customer clicks on this link, the Checkout Guru instantly processes a new payment using the same data entered in the previous checkout.

Order bump and One-click
Checkout Guru with the option to sell subscriptions


Build customer loyalty and grow exponentially

Easily adopt the recurring revenue model in your business with checkout for subscriptions that automate recurring charges. Optimize your sales strategy by creating and testing a variety of plans and prices with ease.

Develop a recurring-based business

Simplify the payment experience and
boost your sales with powerful features

no credit card required

The Payment Checkout that fits your business

Dozens of options available to make Guru Checkout have your company’s look and adapt to your sales strategy.

Checkout Guru customization

Brand Identity

Establish your brand by presenting the checkout with your visual identity and redirecting the customer to your order confirmation pages.
  • Logo and Favicon
  • Header
  • Customer service channels
  • Custom domain
  • Friendly URL
  • Redirect(a) to your order confirmation pages
 Image with example of trademark use

Color Customization

Customize the checkout page with your color pattern and facilitate brand recognition.
  • Color pallet
  • Mobile version
  • Shipping and interest information
  • Installment Anchor
  • Order Bump (title and Description)
  • Chat Instalation(e)
 Image with checkout customization example

Pricing and Offers

Create and test different pricing strategies for your products and services. Make settings for payment methods, installment options, and interest rates.
  • One time sales (single item or bundles)
  • Recurring sales(b)
  • Multiple Offers
  • Installments
  • Cupon codes
  • Discount and Increase (subscription)
  • Billing Cycles (subscription)
  • Upgrade and Downgrade (subscription)
Image with pricing and offers example

Form Options

Customize the checkout form with options to hide fields, make required completion or not, and select ID fields to accept.
  • Checkout without address(c)
  • Email confirmation field
  • Address confirmation field
  • Terms and Privacy Policy(d)
Imagem com exemplicação de customização de formulários

Shipping Strategy

Create and test different pricing shipping strategies for your store. Give your customers options while you get quotes from several companies to offer the best rates.
  • Free Shipping
  • Single flat fee
  • Exact costs w/ real-time calculator
personalization checkout mobile shipping

Checkout Process

Choose a checkout process best fits your audience’s behavior. Improve the user experience while increasing conversions.
  • One Page
  • Multi-Step
  • 1-Click
 personalization checkout mobile checkout

(a) External order confirmation pages are optional. When these fields are empty, the customer is redirected to the standard order confirmation pages.
(b) Check the list of payment providers that supports this feature.
(c) Check payment providers that support this feature and required procedures to enabled it. When you enable this option, the reCAPTCHA feature is mandatory for security reasons.
(d) The corresponding links must be informed to this section be displayed on checkout page bottom.

Go beyond sales conversion and online payment with

Features to empower your marketing and sales strategy

Optimize your marketing and sales strategy concentrating in one place all services, tools, and metrics to sustain and scale your sales operation efficiently.

consultar o ROI

Real-time ROI

Conversion tracking and integration with advertisers to the marketing team monitors campaigns and measures ROI in real-time.

teste AB

Neural A/B Test

All the power of machine learning to analyze page variations and intelligently drive visitor traffic to which version performs best.



Have the most important business metrics in one place and decide how to grow your business with complete confidence.

+ 140 integrations to

Automate different processes in your company

Whether you have a physical products business, digital products or a growing recurrence business, Guru has the integrations you need to automate every step of selling online.

Guru connected to multiple integrations
Guru connected to integrations

Are you ready
to boost your sales?


Is Guru a payment provider?

No, the Guru does not carry out financial intermediation. To process your payment, you must hire and integrate one of the payment systems available in the Checkout Guru category.

Payment Gateways: Does Checkout Guru support it?

Yes, Checkout Guru is integrated with more than 20 payment gateways across acquirer, sub-acquirer and digital wallets. To process payments in our checkout you will have to connect one of the options available in the Checkout Guru category.

Building a checkout is a long and expensive development project. In addition to the construction stage, constant improvements and updates must be made, such as adding refunds, cancellations and new integrations. Guru offers a ready-to-use checkout with automatic pixel events conversion, complete sales management, new features and improvements constantly being added, and dozens of ready-to-integrate payment partners. Thus, it is possible to eliminate development costs and still have access to a complete tool with low operational cost.

Do I have to pay Sale Fees?

Guru does not charge a fee from sales, since to use the checkout you must integrate a payment provider, and this negotiation is carried out with them. With this, you are free to switch payment processors at any time, easily and quickly, without causing major impacts on your operation.

Does Checkout Guru have a shopping cart?

No, Guru does not have a shopping cart! Checkout Guru takes the buyer straight to the payment. That makes the experience simpler and faster, which increases sales conversion. This solution is ideal for selling infoproducts, SaaS, subscriptions and product kits using sales pages.

Is it possible to make international sales?

Checkout Guru has automatic translation into English and Spanish. However, to receive payment from customers in other countries, it is necessary to integrate a payment provider that supports international sales.

Subscription products: Can I use Checkout Guru?

Yes, it is possible to sell subscriptions through Checkout Guru. To do so, you must register a product of the “Subscription” type and configure the billing rules.

Can I offer installments to the buyer on Checkout Guru?

It depends on the payment provider you chose. If you select a system that supports this feature, you will be able to customize the installment plan you will offer to the customer.

What is the deadline for Withdrawal Processing?

As Guru does not carry out payment intermediation, the deadlines for receiving and withdrawing must be checked directly with the payment provider used. Because each partner has a different deadline for withdrawing requests.

How do refunds work?

It depends on the payment method. If using a credit card, refunds can be made through the Guru admin. If payment is made via Paypal or other methods, most of the time, you will have to enter the contracted payment provided environment to make the refund.

How to do sales recovery?

Checkout Guru automatically saves unfinished sales within 15 minutes as long as they have email, name and phone number filled in. Abandoned sales or pending payment can be sent to sales recovery tools through webhooks. It is also possible to configure and send emails to customers with abandoned sales or pending payment.

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