The Guru story

Digital Manager Guru was launched in 2017 with the vision to bring together the four pillars of online sales and generate performance metrics. Today, the platform helps companies and edupreneurs to sell online simply and with less operating cost. Here’s how we got here.

It all started because of a pain point felt by the founders

The seed that would give rise to the Guru platform was planted in March 2015 from an online business that André Cruz and Michelle Oliveira had in Brazil.

But managing the business was complex. Reports were lacking. There was data spread across different platforms. They were always blind when deciding on which ads campaign they should scale. It was impossible to keep the ROI up to date. Automate sending data to invoice, email marketing, and other tools were always limited to the marketplace options.

André knew there had to be a more efficient way to run an online business. So, he put his head to work on the problem and created a solution. The project had sidelined for a while. But in 2017, during a sabbatical period just after the couple moved to Portugal, the idea got off the ground.

André e Michelle, fundadores do Guru

The simplest and most powerful way to sell online

metrics and checkout Guru

The objective of the initial project was to bring together the four pillars of the online sales operation: acquisition, relationship, sales, and management. And also generate performance metrics simply and dynamically.

Early beta-testers reported that they could track ROI in real-time. Sales data had perfectly synchronized with the other tools in operation. There was no more wasted time on redundant tasks, cluttered worksheets, or confusing processes. Finally, managers had metrics to make strategic decisions.

As we grew, we realized our customers were looking for something more. They wanted to be independent of the marketplace and digital product platforms. So we’ve added Checkout Guru: a ready-to-use seamless checkout with no revenue share and more than 12 payment services built-in.

Guru today

We have grown as a company, matured the product, and embraced our mission: delivering a robust, flexible online sales solution that leaves more money in the seller’s hands.

We’ve partnered with payment gateway services and other companies to bring customers a complete online sales solution. Also with Christian Barbosa and Portugal Ventures have believed in the project and invested in our vision.

Companies and edupreneurs trust Guru their online sales operation, saving on intermediation fees. With our platform, they have the freedom to choose which services and tools to use. As well as the flexibility to switch payment gateways at any time without negative impacts in operation.

control tower

We build our platform based on 3 principles

It should be
Developer Free

Setting up an online sales operation should be as simple as building blocks. The platform is designed for getting up and running within hours, without a development team or infrastructure concerns.

It should be
Low-cost and Fair

A fixed monthly fee is the only fair one – and that’s what you get with Guru. Why? Because it is unfair to share your revenue when you invested alone time and money to close the sale. We are a tech service provider, not one more business partner.

It should provide
Freedom and Flexibility

We believe the seller should have the freedom to negotiate transaction fees, use the services and tools that are most beneficial to his business, and have the flexibility to switch from service A to B. Thus, he can make new choices and have more cash on hand.

Who are the minds behind the Digital Manager Guru

André Cruz

André Lado Cruz

Founder and CEO

Involved with system analysis and large financial volumes since 1999. He has worked for renowned companies such as Vivo, IG, and VTEX. His attention to detail was fundamental in all the projects he was part of.

Michelle Oliveira

Michelle Oliveira

Co-founder and COO

Involved in software projects since 2004, including biometric and ID systems, and has worked for companies such as Siemens and Valid. She has become a specialist in translating customer needs into developers’ language.

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