Grow the business through your own affiliate program

With the affiliate management platform, you drive more sales and reward partners for promoting your products and services. All this without giving up the most advantageous payment service to your business. 

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Affiliation platform concept

Offer Commisions

Easily integrate an off-the-shelf payment service with split payment support to a high-conversion checkout and drive more sales with a partner’s network.

Recruit Affiliates

Recruit and choose affiliates to promote your brand and reward them with commissions for every sale. Build profitable partnerships where everyone wins.

Get Promoted

Give affiliates a personal dashboard where they can get referral links and all they need to promote and sell your products, then reap the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Leverage the Power of Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Business

Create and manage your affiliate program to grow your business without increasing media investments. Collect payments and reward loyal brand ambassadors, influencers, co-creators, and resellers with a sales commission.

Generate more sales through a partners network

Gain the freedom to create and grow your affiliate program without relying on affiliate marketplaces. Independently, recruit people and build win-win partnerships that will help you generate more sales.

Recruit new affiliates with sign up forms
 Customize commission rules
 Create and give personal referral links

Business owner giving referal link to his partner
Scheme illustrating the money division among partners

Split payments and automate payouts among everyone

Collect online payments and split the sale amount among all involved parties with efficiency and maximum profitability. Offer a high conversion checkout without giving up the most advantageous payment provider for you and your partners.

Automate the payout schedule
Set up the recipient’s bank accounts
Receive your sale net value

Identify high-performance partnerships

Easily monitor partners’ performance and identify who brings more revenue to your business. Find out where your affiliate manager should focus. And also who he should build a relationship with to help perform even better.

Know who are your top affiliates
Track individual performance through reports

Top affiliates rating concept
Business owner sharing the referral links to his partners

Engage and empower your partners

Effortlessly add new partners to the affiliate program and keep a transparent policy providing everything they need to promote your business in their dashboards.

Give affiliates a personal dashboard with metrics, orders history, and referral links
Send email notifications about each paid order

Everything to create and manage your affiliate program

Commission rules customization

Customization of commission rules and percentages by product or partner.

Affiliate Revenue Model:

All Sales (co-creator)
Pay Per Sale

Safe and Customized Split Payment

Checkout process that splits the payment among all involved parties.

Split rules:

Commission Percentage
Fee Division
Chargeback Liability

Automated Payouts

Recipients management and payout automation with customizable rules.

Payment Rules:

Referral Duration (eternal or not)
Payout Schedule

Affiliate Recruitment and Management

Recruiting form and complete affiliate management with commission percentage settings for each affiliate.

Reports and Statistics

Ranking with top affiliates and performance reporting to stay on top of the most profitable partnerships.

Affiliate Portal

Free personal portal for affiliates and partners with referral links, statistics, and order history.

(1) Check integrated payment services that support split payment.
(2) Access to the affiliate portal is available in the “My orders” section.

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Boost sales and increase your ROI with win-win partnerships

Easily create your own affiliate program, reward people for promoting your brand, and boost sales with win-win partnerships.


How to get affiliates?

Guru is not an affiliation marketplace, so you are the one who creates the affiliate platform. You just neet to add a recruitment link, share it and wait for the candidates.

How does the commission payment work?

When registering the affiliate, you configure the percentage of commission that he should receive for the sale. Payment of commissions is made by your payment provider through Split payments.

Affiliation: Which payment providers support it?

The processors that support affiliation are: PagarMe 1.0, Asaas and Safe2pay. For the affiliation to work, the chosen payment processor needs to have “split payment” functionality enabled and this functionality must be available in the Guru integration.

Subscription Products: Can I pay commission on multiple charges?

Yes, just setup on the subscription for how many cycles you want to pay commission.

How does co-production work?

Co-production works in the same way as registering an affiliate. You register the co-producer on the platform and configure the commission percentage he will receive. The difference in the configuration is that you will define the commission on ALL sales made.

Is there an affiliate portal for my partners to access?

Yes, affiliates can access the “My Orders” area and consult sales and commissions.

Can I set different commission percentages?

Yes, it is possible to configure commission percentage individually for each affiliate.

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