The simplest and most powerful way to sell online

You no longer need an e-commerce platform to sell online. Meet the Guru!

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Know the source of sales and leads and track real-time ROI


Organize your leads and buyers simply and quickly

Seamless Checkout

Agile payment process with average conversion above 20%

Gathered Indicators

Your most relevant information, centralized in one place

Our story in numbers

+8.97 mi

Processed Sales

+€269 mi

Financial Volume

+211 mi

Tracked Clicks

+9.75 mi

Captured Leads

Far beyond a simple checkout

Mobile optimized

Simple and user-friendly purchasing process

Highest conversion

Make the most of your customers' buying momentum without unnecessary distractions.

Several options

Choose the payment processor best suited for your business

No additional fees

Fixed charge model based on your sales volume

Full control over your campaign budget

Sales tracking

Know exactly where your conversions are coming from and find out which ads and traffic sources are the most profitable

Neural AB Test

Harness the power of our 100% conversion-oriented Machine Learning to drive your traffic and improve your ROI.

Real time ROI

Connect with top advertisers and track your campaign ROI automatically and in real time!

The number one choice for profitable online sales

Get the best from your contact list

Segment your lists

Connect to leading email marketing platforms and get the best of your lists!

Lead tracking

Know the source of your leads and the average time to customer conversion

More Assertive Communications

Send personalized messages to your buyers according to current sale status

Increase the efficiency of your online business right now

Simplify the payment process and multiply your eCommerce conversion

Your most important information centralized in one place

Sales dashboard

Follow the result of sales and earnings in recent weeks through our interactive dashboard

Customers dashboard

Discover overall metrics for your customer base and keep up with the evolution of Customer Lifetime Value

Daily summary

Compare the result of sales and increased its customer base every day

And dozens of other integrations, adding even more value to your business

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