The most profitable and powerful solution to sell digital products

With Guru, you sell online courses, consulting and training programs with a much more financial return and freedom to choose how to work and which services to use while running the entire operation in one place.

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More Freedom and More Profitability
to your digital business

When you start the business, it’s easier to adopt platforms that charge between 6 and 10% from a sale.

They even help in the start, but they crush your profits as the business grows.

You no longer have to be a prisoner of the platform that takes a large part of your revenue and forces you to use the most expensive payment system.

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The best of two worlds on one platfrom

With Guru, you have the freedom to choose where to
process your payments
and reduce transaction fees. You
also have access to a full-featured platform to manage
your business
for a monthly flat fee.
Freedom and Flexibility
Technology and Centralized Management

Why do more and more content creators
prefer Guru?

Guru com troféu primeiro lugar
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By using Checkout Guru with our partner payment service, you get:

The Result?

More Profit, Better Cash Flow and Centralized Management

Come to the platform where

Your freedom increases.
Your profits too.

With Guru, you have the freedom you need to sell digital products using the most advantageous payment service for your business.


The most flexible and complete platform
to sell digital products

Checkout connected to multiple payment options

Checkout integrated with
a payment service of your choice

Connect, in a few clicks, the payment service that is most advantageous for your business and deliver to your customers a simplified and mobile-optimized checkout. By combining Guru Checkout with one of our payment partners, you’ll reduce transaction fees, increase conversions and boost profits.

1-Click Upsell
Sales recovery
Order Bump
Recurring Charges
Checkout without address
Custom Installment

Affiliates and coproducers management

Create and manage an affiliate program without giving up the most beneficial payment service for your business! Manage affiliates and coproducers. Pay commissions automatically according to your own commission rules, transaction fee division, and chargeback liability.

(*) Check Checkout Guru integrations that support split payment.

Affiliate Recruitment   
Statistics and Reports 
Custom comission rules
Affiliate Portal
Business owner recruiting affiliates
Guru connected to different platforms
Guru connected to different platforms

Integrations with your favorite tools

In just a few minutes, the tools you already use are integrated and ready to make the most of each feature. Update contacts in CRM or email lists, sending SMS, creating invoices, and granting access to the Learning Management System has never been so simple and powerful. With our integrations, you will automate the sales process and delight your customers.

(*) You also can send data to your private software or integration tools like Zapier via webhooks.

E-mail Marketing 
Sales Recovery

Monitoring and Conversation Analysis

In a centralized way, you can track conversions, identify the origin of sales and leads, and do A/B tests using machine learning. With Guru’s tracking, it’s easy to find out which campaigns and traffic sources bring the best ROI to scale with complete confidence.

Leads Transaction  
ROI in real time 
Sales Conversion
Neural AB Test 
Checkout Conversion
Integration with Advertisers
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Business overview in only one place

Track the most important metrics for your business in one place. Get in-depth about sales growth, subscriptions, customer retention, and campaign performance. With data-driven, you will find out where you need to focus your efforts to grow your business with complete confidence.