The most profitable and powerful solution
to sell online courses

With Guru, you sell online courses and training programs with a much more financial return and freedom to choose how to work, with whom, and what services you use while running the entire operation in one place.

Control, in one place, your strategy to sell courses and training

Guru is a full-featured and powerful platform that makes it easier to run an online course business with freedom and technology to increase sales, boost profits, and expand your business.

  • Checkout
  • Trackings
  • Affiliation
  • Integrations
  • Metrics
Built to let your business achieve

More Freedom and More Profitability

Every online course producer has three types of needs: optimizing sales, delivering content, and analyzing metrics. You will need tools that talk to each other, optimize your business, and increase revenue.

In the beginning, it ends up being easier to join platforms that charge between 6 and 10% of sales. They even help in the start, but they crush your profits as the business grows.

That is the problem!

When you realize, you are in a trap with the idea that it makes sense to lose money to “have everything for free.” So far, there were only two options: to remain stuck with this idea or to go on a solo project involving programmers to integrate services at more affordable rates.

Mais liberdade para seu negócio

With Guru you have the best of both worlds

Power of Negotiation

Power to negotiate more affordable rates and hire the leading payment services in the market, reducing operating costs and increasing business profitability.

Freedom of Choice

You can choose, with total freedom, which services and tools to use in your operation, and decide which business partners you will work with.

Technological Flexibility

Total autonomy to, within your sales operation, exchange or add services that best adapt to your business without the need to hire developers.

Total Control

Resources, integrations, and metrics are gathered so that you can have independent and centralized manage of your business, with all the data and information together in one place.

Come to the platform where

Your freedom increases.
Your profits too.

Connect your business to Guru and have more freedom to create the best strategy to scale your business and increase your profit margin.

How to connect your business to Guru in 3 steps



Payment Service

Negotiate fees and hire the payment service most advantageous for your business and integrate it with Checkout Guru in just a few clicks.



Members Area

Create and store content, classes, and videos that will be available to your students in a member area independent of the payment service.



Sales Operation

Gather in Guru all the services, tools and metrics necessary to manage the entire sales operation of online courses and training.

Guru como conexão do seu negócio

A complete control center for developing digital businesses

Solução de Venda online - Aquisição

Full Control in Real-Time

In a centralized way, you analyze conversions, test different page variations, and identify the most profitable traffic sources to scale campaigns with complete confidence. You also create and manage your private affiliate network setting up commission payments according to your own commissioning rules, fee sharing, and chargeback liability.

 Real-time ROI      Affiliation Platform         Sales Origin

 Leads Origin         Neural A/B Test              Integration with Advertisers

 Real-time ROI
Affiliation Platform
 Sales Origin 
Leads Origin   
 Neural A/B Test
 Integration with Advertisers

More Sales and Fewer Fees

Seamless checkout with simplified payment flow, without unnecessary distractions, and optimized for mobile devices. In just a few clicks, you can connect to the most convenient payment service to process your sales and split payments between everyone involved with efficiency and maximum profitability. So this is how you will increase conversion rates and boost profits.

Boost your sales with…

Transactional emails       Sales recovery             1-Click Upsell

Payment link                     Recurring charges     Payment split

Boost your sales with…

Payment link
Sales recovery
1-Click Upsell
Link de pagamento
Recurring charges
Payment split

Solução de Venda online - Integrações

Integrations with your favorite tools

In just a few minutes, the tools you already use are integrated and ready to make the most of each feature, automating your sales process and increasing proximity to your customers. Organizing contacts in different email marketing lists, sending SMS, issuing invoices, and granting access to the student in the member’s area has never been so simple and powerful.

Integrate easily…

Member’s Area     E-mail Marketing     SMS

Invoices                 Webhooks                 Sales Recovery

Integrate easily…

Member’s Area
E-mail Marketing
Sales Recovery

Business overview in only one place

Our dashboards show results and metrics in real-time you need to understand your operation. And with this data, you make much more precise and strategic decisions that put you on the right path to scale your business with complete confidence.

Data analysis based on…

Sales              Subscriptions  
Customers   Tracking

Data analysis based on…


Solução de Venda online - Métricas

Ready to expand your business with complete freedom?

Our customers sell courses and training using the Guru because it offers freedom, technology, and independence.

We are a platform for digital creator looking to boost profits and expand their business.

Does it make sense to you? So, let’s go together!

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