Integrate tools
and automate your
online business

Connect tools and apps you already use in your business, move data between them, and integrate end-to-end operations without writing code.

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 Simple and Intuitive              100+ available integrations              Ready-to-use

 Simple and Intuitive 
 90+ available integrations 


Connect the tools and apps you use in just a few clicks and bring harmony to your marketing, logistics, and after-sales processes.


Create automation rules and send relevant data to different tools easily, intuitively, and according to business needs.


Automate tasks such as granting access to the online classes, or issuing invoices. Eliminate bureaucracy and make your operation more efficient.

Automate your business with ready-to-use integrations

Connect your apps and automate the business according to your needs. Automate tasks and coordinate marketing, logistics, and after-sales activities with just a few clicks.

Successful companies don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

With Guru, you do not need a developer to automate dozens of tasks such as issuing invoices, notifying a customer via SMS, segmenting email lists by customer behavior, or granting user access to the eLearning platform.

Integrations off-the-shelf are the best way to increase your team’s productivity and turn the operation more efficient.

Automated actions aftes a sale


Notify your app and create custom automations

With Guru’s Webhook, you can send data to your app whenever a predefined event occurs.

Your application receives the data, and the development team can create a custom automation for your internal processes.

  • Sales
  • Subscriptions
Communication via webhook
Automatic switch

Put your business activities on autopilot